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Martwebhosting is used by so many writers. It is more than just a website; it is a community. We invite you to write for us for free.

How should you write for us?

Your writing needs to be excellent! Since our mandate is to help improve our users’ writing, we would look a bit silly if our own guest posts weren’t pretty airtight.

We look for a catchy title, a strong introduction, a well-formed argument, and a useful concluding paragraph.

Make sure that it doesn’t feel advertorial for your own site/product.

What should you write about?

Our blog focuses on five key areas: Web Hosting Providers, Blogging and Content Writing, SEO Related articles, Digital Marketing Articles, About the Internet.

We love blog posts that give practical advice to writers to help them improve their writing practice, or inspirational posts to help keep them motivated. Below are some great guest posts from the past:

Best cloud hosting providers 

Blogging without showing your face

Digital marketing for web hosting industries

How to start a blog

You are welcome to pitch a selection of topics in advance of writing. Please do not ask us to suggest topics for you.

What should you include?

Please include at least one link within your post to other posts on the Martwebhosting blog.

Please include a two sentence bio at the bottom of your submission.

What are the rules?

Boring we know, but there are just a few rules you need to stick by to get your post published here:

  • Always provide only absolutely unique content (as a guest post).
  • Always provide high-quality valuable information in your guest post.

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