5 Best WordPress Page Builders

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While most of the top website builders, such as Wix or Weebly, allow you to create a new site with little or no knowledge or technical abilities, WordPress website builders such as Elementor and Divi are plugins designed to function in tandem with the WordPress.org CMS.

Traditional website builders typically use their own CMSs and provide all-in-one solutions. In this piece, we’ll look at WordPress plugins that perform the same thing, the vast majority of which are available for download from WordPress’s plugin repository. In certain cases, they may be supplied for free, via a paid license, or both.

What is a page builder?

Page builders allow you to easily construct your own WordPress page layouts without having to write any code.

A WordPress page builder plugin is a tool that allows you to effortlessly create and design WordPress layouts. This provides you with more options than other themes.

Page builders, as opposed to the block editor and customizer, provide you far greater control over every part of your layout. Some provide pre-built blocks, photographs, and layout sections that you can incorporate into your sites right away.

In this post, we’ll examine the functionality of the top free and paid plugins for creating landing pages and other websites.

What are the best WordPress page builders?

There are numerous excellent drag-and-drop page builder plugins for WordPress. They enable you to build entirely unique website designs in WordPress without having to write a single line of code.

Themify is our top pick among the finest WordPress website builders since it is one of the most powerful plugins and provides an easy drag-and-drop editor rather than the less-intuitive original WordPress editor. You can create a new WordPress site without coding and use a variety of third-party connections.

Furthermore, themify builder extensive free plan gives you access to more than just the essentials. It is a WordPress page builder mostly integrated with Themify built themes. However, it can be used with other themes.

Among the WordPress website builders available, we also recommend Themify, Elementor, siteorigin, Visual Composer, Thrive themes, WP Page Builder, Page Builder Sandwich – Front-End Page Builder, and Live Composer.

All of these plugins provide a variety of tools, features, and benefits, making them worthwhile to explore for your WordPress site.

Because there are so many different WordPress page builder plugins available, we decided to compare and rate the best WordPress page builders so you can choose the best solution for your needs.

It is also important to us that the page builders work with the majority of WordPress themes. So, we’ll go over the best of the best and discuss some of the scenarios in which one WordPress page builder may be preferable to another as follows.

  1. Experience – how does the interface function, and how easy is it to create appealing pages?
  2. Included widgets/templates – what alternatives do you have for creating pages?
  3. Options for styling – how can you style the elements on your page? How easy is the drag and drop landing page builder?
  4. Other noteworthy features – Does the page builder have any noteworthy unique features?

WordPress page builder plugin

Your WordPress website’s design is mostly determined by your theme. Most premium themes have a plethora of customization options, but they are too complex for non-coding users to fully utilize.

That is where WordPress page builder plugins with drag and drop functionality come in helpful. A simple WordPress page builder plugin may allow you to create stunning custom layouts and landing pages for your website.

You may use a page builder plugin to add any form of content to a page by dragging and dropping ready-made drag and drop content pieces like as blocks, modules, or widgets.

To create unique website layouts, you may quickly change, move, and rearrange the content pieces. The best aspect is that you won’t need any coding knowledge to use a page builder.

So, page builders are only for novices? No way, no how. Page builders also help developers create bespoke designs faster and work for more clients.

5 Fastest WordPress page builder

It’s unrealistic to think the average WordPress user will consistently test desired plugin for performance. It’s tough to remove outside factors, and there are too many WordPress plugins to consider.

WordPress page builders are plugins that replace the classic WordPress editor with an interface that lets you drag and drop elements like buttonssocial iconsgalleriesimages on a template and watch your website come to life right there and then.

Here’s a quick list of the fastest page builders we have picked.


Themify is one of the greatest WordPress page builders available, allowing you to create websites without any coding or programming knowledge. For all of your basic website needs, you can get started with themify for free. However, if you require Pro features for your development, you may start with the personal plan.

page builder

With the free version of the plugin, you can simply create attractive and completely functional websites, but if you need more pro capabilities, the premium version will provide you with improved features and tools!

We will pick themify as the best page builder for WordPress because of its simplicity.

Get themify here

2. Elementor

Another popular page builder that is accessible for free is Elementor. If you have more complex demands, you may always upgrade to the Premium version of the plugin, which costs $4.50 per month ($49 paid yearly) and includes pro capabilities. With its easy drag-and-drop interface, Elementor features a strong user interface that allows you to create great websites quickly. With an intuitive page builder for your shopify ecommerce website.

You can simply design websites from start using this page builder, just as you do with most other page builders. These page builder plugins are fantastic to use since any changes you make on the Elementor interface are immediately visible on your website.

Elementor WordPress page builder also has one best landing page builder for WordPress, including widgetstemplates styling options.

3. Siteorigin Page builder

Page builder by siteorigin is a sophisticated content development interface that is instantly identifiable and amazingly unique. SiteOrigin Page Builder makes it simple to generate responsive column-based content using the widgets you already know and love. Your content will precisely adapt to all mobile devices, guaranteeing that your site is mobile-ready.

The plugin allows you to build sales pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, opt-in pages, webinar pages, and many other types of pages. It also has a live preview that allows you to see all of the changes as they happen.

4. Thrive themes

Thrive Themes includes all of the features and tools you’ll need to give your website a fresh new design. It offers a large collection of design components as well as a single-post layout generator for creating visually appealing and engaging landing pages.

Portfolio pages are one of the post types that may be used with this plugin. You may utilize one of the pre-built themes for your web page if you want to display a product in action or share a lengthy customer testimonial with your visitors.

You may even modify your 404 error pages with Thrive themes. Visitors will be greeted with a personalized message even if they come upon a website that is under development or a page that no longer exists.

SeedPro page builder

However, what distinguishes SeedProd as the greatest WordPress page builder is its user-friendly interface. Without any technological experience, anyone may begin utilizing the plugin. Furthermore, there are other customization options available to help you design the pages you like.

SeedProd also interacts effortlessly with third-party email marketing systems like Constant Contact, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and others.

5. WP Page builder

The page builder wp provides a more playful approach to site building. It advertises its plugin as being extremely simple to use. In minutes, you can create great landing pages with a responsive design using the WP page builder. The plugin’s templates and easy-to-use modification options make it simple to design a landing page that suits your company’s specific requirements.

Advanced text formatting, configurable components, and one-click integrations are among the plugin’s other capabilities. There’s also a useful analytics tool that can tell you what’s working and what isn’t on your site. Like hubspot landing page builder Create and test beautiful landing pages that generate leads and look great on any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does page builder do?

Page builders are simply WordPress plugins that allow you to drag and drop objects into the backend of your WordPress website. This method works with any element. Images, headers, icons, buttons for any social network account, CTA buttons, grids, text blocks, videos, you name it.

How do I open page builder?

Open the page you want to edit using Page Builder by navigating to Pages > All Pages and click the page you wish to edit. If you have not used Page Builder on this page before, it will open in the default visual editor. Click on the Page Builder tab.

Why are page builders bad?

Page builders are a nightmare.
They don’t help with SEO. Finally, these WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) website builders will drastically restrict your company’s growth. Any page builder’s HTML markup will always be far more bloated than HTML written by a skilled web developer.
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