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Let’s face it. The reason we are looking for a new website builder in Nigeria in the first place is that we have something we want people to see. Whether you are an artist, eCommerce expert, photographer, writer or consultant or just a passion – needs a website to share it with the world, our tested professional Website Builder has the answer to all your website building needs. 

You can build great mobile-friendly websites with beautiful designs and a simple drag-and-drop editor. Hosting included!



It’s one of the greatest and most challenging question a businessman asks. The answer is deceptively simple: you create a website easily at a low cost. It’s less than you think! 

So, let’s get straight to the point on how much website builder in Nigeria cost. Depending on your needs, building a website can cost anywhere between N25,000 and N250,000 with 1 year hosting.


FAQs about Website Builders in Nigeria

  1. Can I create my own domain name or use martwebhosting recommended website builder?  Yes, you can. You can simply email us to check if your desired domain name is available for registration.
  2. How long does it take to build a website? It takes 1-5 weeks to build a drag-and-drop, professional website from start to finish.
  3. Can you build a website for me? Yes we can.
  4. Do you have sample to show? We would love to show you some samples but we don’t. 

Which website builder is best for me? That being said, let’s take a look at the top website builder platforms to make your website without hiring a developer.

List of the top best website builders in Nigeria


Website Builders in Nigeria 

To make it simple for you, we’ve compiled all the information you need to make a good decision on the best website builder. There are 50+ different website builders on the market.

Apart from helping you build a web site however, our team can also perform web site optimization techniques that will help your site increase its visibility. Now you can easily and professionally present your services or business without being a web developer, having coding skills or knowing HTML.


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The Best Website Builders in Nigeria for 2020


WordPress website offer people of all technological levels the ability to tap into the web’s endless potential.

Whether you choose to design or build a WordPress blog in Nigeria from scratch by yourself with our website builder or get a website designed for you — creating a website online presence that fits your business is easy. Nigeria Government, non-profit and international organizations can use our free web hosting advice. 

WordPress is a factory that makes webpages. WordPress simplesite building gives you complete control on every aspect of your website.

If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog for cheap, this is perfect and can be used to build any kind of website. Lagos being the business hub of West Africa has WordPress meetup centers.

WordPress is everything you need to create an online store and sell online. Eye-catching online store designs, eCommerce software, intuitive ordering systems, powerful integrations, payment processing and more. 


Chances are that people in almost all countries including Nigeria websites use WordPress to power their websites and also take payments with the provider that’s right. There are thousands of pre-made WordPress themes that you can use for your website’s design. You also find amazing free drag and drop page builders

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Best website builders have simple and functional drag and drop editors that greatly simplify the creation of websites. All you need is to simply move the elements of the website you need to where you need and manage their parameters: size, color, font, etc. And it is really easy with wix website builder.

If you want your customers to continue to shop your site from any country, it must have the functionality, design, and capability to create that noteworthy experience that customers have come to expect from brands.

Use Wix guided AI wizard to create a completely custom web design with personalized image and content suggestions.


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How to create a website in Nigeria 

Creating a simple business website using WordPress isnt a massive project. You do not need a website designer in Lagos or any part of Nigeria to take the below steps.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Choose a Domain name (your custom web address,
  • Get Website hosting (service that hosts your website)
  • WordPress (WordPress is an open source platform that allows you to run your website with very little technical expertise.)


Free Website Builder in Lagos Nigeria

For those of us who don’t have the budget for a paid website builder, free website builders can offer many of the same features as paid ones. You can have a creative design and web development with top notch performance and beauty using our tested 5 free website builders. 

1. Wix: Our best overall free website builder

With Wix, you can create and publish your site without spending a Naira or Kobo. Wix makes it easy to become an online retailer and start selling your products. Great for e-commerce: setting up custom shopping storefront and cart. Wix website editor means that your site will always look good on a mobile device.




2. Quick and Easy builder is ideal for blogging because of it’s unique built-in features plus lots of room for growth to scale your website. Also comes with free SEO tools. Integrating a shopping cart and checkout is so easy.


Visit for free website builder and free shopping cart in Nigeria

3. SITE123: Free website builder is easy to use

Great option if you want a personal website, an eCommerce tool for a small business, a portfolio or a blog.




4. Strikingly:

Strikingly is to be able to get it’s customer’s online quickly. Perfect if you want to create eye catchy free website with lots of images.

Support takes care of your cpanel if you experience issue setting up cpanel domain.  It is a good option for anyone looking to develop an online presence and e commerce website builders in Nigeria.

5. Google:

Google website builder is a good and great builder for small businesses. If your small business wants to build a simple yet striking site in less than an hour, then go for this.
The prompts at the beginning do mean you can get a website set up really quickly. Google website builder is a good option for those who may be more limited in terms of their time investment and its commerce options outshine competitors.

6. Leia:

Leia website builder is the AI and DIY builder.


Final Web Builder Advice

Now you know what you should be considering to help you determine the website builders for your web design project, finally, here is a rough estimate of the total cost based on the type of site: 

  • A simple site for small business : Around 8,000 Naira
  • ECommerce site: Around 58,000 Naira for website design and hosting in Nigeria (we are one of the best eCommerce platform developer in Lagos Nigeria)
  • Government site: 250,000 Naira

Again, these figures can vary greatly so take these estimates with care.

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