Top SEO Plugins for WordPress Website 2019

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

If you’re looking for Top SEO Plugins for WordPress Website then you’re at the right place. There are many and many plugins available on wordpress for SEO. But in this guide I’ll tell you about some of the top SEO plugins which I personally use for Super SEO. Although, you guys must be familiar with some plugins which can help you in ranking in search results but some of you don’t know about those plugins. So, here in this guide I will tell you about some SEO plugins and will provide you some tips related to ranking in search engines.

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress Website:

Here you’ll find top SEO Plugins and their features. When we talk about SEO then you’ll definitely be confused which is the best plugin for Search Engine Optimization. But you don’t need to be confused because here are some of the top seo plugins for wordpress website.

1- Wp-Rocket:

If you’re facing website speed optimization issues then here is an amazing wordpress speed optimization plugin. Wp Rocket not only optimize your website speed but also gives your website a ranking boost. Google loves that type of website which are much faster in speed. There are many features of Wp-Rocket that is It will boost up your website speed by clearing the cache, minify your website speed and much more.

Top SEO Plugins for WordPress
Top SEO Plugins for WordPress

When we talk about speed optimization of website or when you will search about speed optimization on Google then you will definitely find Wp-Rocket on the top because this plugin is amazing. Also, there are more other alternatives like wp fastest cache and w3c total cache but these 2 plugins have no comparison with Wp-Rocket. So, if you want to get more speed of your website then you have to try Wp-Rocket to great website speed. Also, if you’re not getting good amount of traffic then there is a possibility of low quality web hosting you’re using. So, here is perfect cheap web hosting for you.

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2- Yoast SEO:

If you’re searching for best On Page Optimization Tips or On Page Optimization Factors as well as you’re looking for top On Page SEO Techniques and you’re not finding any short solution for perfect On Page SEO then this plugin is one of the best On Page SEO Optimization Plugin. People also search for on page seo ecommerce or on page seo for eCommerce store. This plugin is perfect solution for any kind of On Page SEO work. If you’re a beginner or you have spent some time in the industry of SEO then you have to try this plugin for sometime. And you’ll definitely get amazing results in the rankings of your website pages or posts.

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In Most of the cases people try to do on page seo manually but this plugin will make on page seo easy for you.


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3- 404 to 301 Redirect Plugin:

There are many search engine optimization factors and each factor cannot be easily understand. There is also a problem of “Page Not Found” and this problem will decrease the SEO efficiency of a website. So, you need to fix this issue. Here is another amazing wordpress plugin which will redirect your broken pages to your homepage to maintain the SEO of website. That is if a website page was moved to any other url then it will create a redirect to the homepage to that page which you want it to redirect. And in this page the relevancy increases and relevancy is one of the most important factor of search engine optimization. Google clearly declared that if any website which don’t follow the relevancy factor then it will be a negative seo.

4- Social Pug:

If you don’t have time to do social sharing manually. And you don’t want to do social sharing then you’re losing ranking or you’re losing huge amount of traffic. Social sharing increases the website ranking because social sharing or social signals are much important for SEO. So, you’re hell tired of doing social sharing then this amazing plugin is for you. There are many other social sharing plugins this plugin have amazing benefits and definitely when you’ll use this plugin. Social sharing will not a huge problem to you. This plugin enables you so share posts directly to the social sharing networks so it will be easier for you to do social sharing.

5- JetPack:

This plugin don’t have direct link with search engine optimization but this plugin helps you to see the organic reach of traffic on daily basis. Also this plugin enables you to do many kind of tasks. JetPack is an amazing and top rated plugin. If an authorized person is trying to login to your website then JetPack will immediately notice his ip and lock the website and this is the best part, any intruder who have the login will have no access to website just because of jetpack.

If you’re facing problems with your web hosting then try these best cheap web hostings.

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