Make Your LinkedIn Profile SEO-Friendly


Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile SEO-Friendly

It has never been easy to get employed but with technological advancements in full flow, the competition level has definitely increased a lot. Gone are the days when it used to take months for a process to begin and applicants sent resumes through courier. If you talk about the most powerful platform used for recruitment these days. Companies have their pages on this platform and post job advertisements. Similarly, people looking for opportunities create profiles and provide details regarding to their degrees and experience. In addition to that, selection is also done through this channel. Organizations search for candidates and even complete recruitment tasks using this channel.

Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Profile SEO-Friendly

Why is an SEO friendly linked in profile important?

Are you unable to appear among most of the search results even after being immensely qualified? Simply having a LinkedIn profile does not matter. This is because most recruiters use Google to filter out profiles and then select the ones that match requirements. Hence, candidates have to be sure that the profiles meet the required SEO needs. If a particular one does not have relevant keywords or phrases, it would not be ranked high and most employers would not be able to find it. The same strategy is used by most reputed websites like Prepostseo. It revamps the content presented to the readers and includes new keywords according to changing search requirements. This helps in retaining a high SEO rank.

  • Acquiring a first page SEO position should always be the priority whether you are a candidate looking for job options or on online seller looking to improve sales volumes. In both cases, the best results will only be produced if you appear against maximum searches.

Tips to follow for optimizing profiles

There is a simple principle for getting your hands on the maximum employment opportunities. You should appear in the search list of the largest count of employers. For instance, if ten employers are able to view your profile, it is expected that at least fifty percent of them would shortlist you and get in touch. On the other hand, if employers are unable to see you, the chances of getting selected would be far from possible.

Here are some tips candidates should for LinkedIn profile optimization.

1.    Add fresh informative posts and shares


A LinkedIn profile is not restricted to the professional information of the candidate only. A lot of other information needs to be added to optimize the profile. One of them is adding new posts and unread information from time to time. This should not be random in any manner. Analyze the audience who would be going through your profile including employers and then add new posts. For instance, if you are a software engineer, the content you add should not be related to marketing or finance.  However, ensure that you are not ignoring the quality of the content in any way as it can have adverse effects in terms of SEO. There should be no proofreading problems in the provided information.


  • A quality grammar checking application runs through the content and locates each error without the writer searching for them. Secondly, do not publish fresh information only for the sake of doing it. It should add to the knowledge of potential readers. Adding fresh content has a positive impact on the SEO position of any website and LinkedIn profiles are not an exception.


  • If you have redundant or outdated information on your LinkedIn profile, it creates two fold negative effects. First of all, employers think that you do not keep yourself updated and this does not impress them. Instead, you are placed in the candidates with low preference. Secondly, lack of updated written material reduces the SEO outputs as well. Your profile would either not be shown among the search results or may be ranked too low. It is obvious that people would not search to the tenth or twentieth page to see what you have to offer.


2.    Include important keywords in the profile and post headings


The inclusion of relevant keywords has always been a core principle for getting the best SEO results. Hence, when you are crafting content for your linked in profile, this point should not be ignored. Consider that you have a profile related to digital marketing and wish to get a new opportunity. This can only happen when a good count of employers is able to view you. Hence, do your research and make a list of keywords being used by people to locate digital marketing profiles.


  • Finding appropriate keywords does not produce any productive results if you don’t place them in the correct places. Include these words in the headings related to professional experience or list of duties performed.
  • To get good attractive opportunities, you need to be active on Linked In. Regular interaction can be done by sharing new interesting things every now and then. If you find something informative, share it on linked in so that people can increase their knowledge. While editing the content, use these keywords for headings, bullet points, sub headings and in the middle of content. However, be sure that these words / phrases are inserted naturally. This is because using keywords unnecessarily is called stuffing and it can hamper your LinkedIn profile instead of causing improvements so you have to avoid it.
  • The number of followers you have on LinkedIn also has an impact on how high or low a profile is ranked. Therefore, try to get connect with as many related people as possible to improve the chances of getting searched.


Summing It Up

LinkedIn is among the most powerful employment and professional connection platforms in the digital age. Some of the best employers use it to hire people. However, it is not the degrees you have attained or the experience you have which would help in getting high ranks. A lot depends on what content you have displayed on your profile. It has to be SEO friendly and optimized in the best possible manner. There are some tips which you can use in this case. One of them is inclusion of the correct keywords. Filter out the words and phrases being used by most people and then use them in different content areas. This would help you in getting displayed against more search queries. Inclusion of key phrases does not mean that they should be stuffed in any way. Applicants should be sure about inserting each one of them naturally.





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