5 Easy Steps Start A Blogging Website

Start A Blogging Website

Are you guys facing difficulties to Start A Blogging Website? No need to worry about that. I will show you exactly how you can easily start a blogging website easily. Most you guys face difficulties on how to start blogging or how to start a blog and you don’t have any idea what you’ll do on the blog. Right now, many new bloggers try to get traffic but they don’t get any sufficient amount of traffic organically because from social sharing they don’t get any kind of special traffic and they don’t know how to get traffic organically.

Step By Step Process To Start A Blogging Website

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So, in this step by step guide I’ll show you exactly how to start a blogging website easily. Read the article till the end so that you’ll be able to start a new blog easily.

1- Blog Niche Ideas

This is one of the most important step in blogging. First of all you need to know what kind of blogs you want to write. If you’re interested in news related stuff or you get attracted towards sports then your niche will be sports or news. For example, you are attracted towards sports then you can write blogs related to sports that is latest information related to sports and all that stuff. If you’re attracted towards news then you can write blogs related to news. And also you can make categories related to news like weather news, tech news, or latest news. You can do any kind of work but remember stay in one and write blogs consistently.

2- How to Write a Blog:

In the 2nd step you need to know about how to write a blog. For example, your blogging niche is sports then you need to write sports related stuff. Like if there are any kind of matches or sports related stuff which is on trending you need to write blogs in that niche and after that you have to publish your blogs. You need to write accurate information in your blog post. This question “How to Write a Blog” is the most asked question from 2015. But it’s so simple. If you’re interested in any niche then you will need to get information related to your blog write the blog in your own words.

Start A Blogging Website
Start A Blogging Website

3- Best Web Hosting Service:

For blogging I’ll recommend you perfect cheapest web hosting service to start a blogging website. To get amazing traffic to your website web hosting is one of the most important factor to get traffic and to maintain the website speed. Also, web hosting plays one of the most important role in SEO. Here are some of the cheap web hosting for you.

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4- Avoid Duplicate Content:

If you’re doing blogging then you need to avoid duplicate content. Because if Google will find any kind of duplicate content on your blog or website then definitely Google will throw you a penalty of copyright content so you need to avoid copying the content.

5- How to Write Quality Content:

It’s so easy to write quality content for your blog. If you’re a blogger by heart then you need to write your own content. There are many ways to write perfect quality post but the most simple way is to analyze your competitors that how they are writing content for their websites and write the content in your own words. You don’t need to copy any kind of stuff from any person. Blogging is a passion and if you’re copying blog posts from someone then you will not be considered as a true blogger. Unique content is the key to success in blogging field.

Bonus Tip: Use Your Own Images

For blogging as I mentioned earlier you don’t need to copy any thing from any one. Just like that, you need your own images to be placed in your content. Now the question arises how to make your own images, then simple solution is go to canva.com and make your own images. It’s simple to create your own images using canva.com. There are many other free pictures platforms like pixelete, free pic etc. Which provides copyright free images to you. But remember don’t take any kind of images from google because that images are copyrighted images and if you will use them in your content then there are almost 90% chances google will throw you a copyright strike of images.
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So, you need to use your own images in your content. Moreover, for blogging you need to maintain consistency in your work. For example you need to post regularly and never give up then you start receiving traffic from the search engines. If you’re a beginner and posted some few articles and dreamed to get thousands of traffic then you’re absolutely wrong. Because when you’re doing blogging then you must need to maintain consistency in your work. If you’re looking for short cuts in blogging then there no much short cuts in blogging because blogging is a passion and everyone cannot do it in right way.

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