Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Service Provider in 2021

Choose the Best Reseller Hosting Service Provider

Reseller Hosting Service

Choosing the Best Reseller Hosting Service

Hosting services are a lot in demand these days, thanks to the increasing dependence on the internet. Not just business enterprises, even freelancers and one-man business owners are creating websites and social media profiles to expand their businesses. Cottage industries are using websites to directly sell their products to customers without the interference of the middlemen.

With more people preferring to order a product online instead of going to the stores to buy it, websites have become necessary of sorts. Businesses that have begun by selling on social media are including ecommerce options on the website to accept payments from customers.

This increase in websites has directly resulted in an increase in demand for domain and web hosting services. For a website to be useful, it needs to be hosted on a server. The information related to the website is stored on the servers and is shared with the users who visit the website. This process is known as web hosting.

While there are many firms that provide web hosting services, the demand is still greater than the supply. This has prompted smalls scale entrepreneurs to start reselling the web hosting services by purchasing the server space, bandwidth, and resources in bulk from the bigger web hosting companies.

Reselling hosting services is a booming business and there are many firms that are offering some of the best reseller hosting services. Companies are exclusively catering to these smaller firms and making it easier for them to handle the maintenance services in return.

Tools for Reselling Hosting Services

  • Disk space, server resources, and bandwidth to host the websites.
  • Special offers such as free and automated SSL to attract customers.
  • Automate a business with free WHMCS. Help customers activate the website in less than an hour.
  • Support and maintenance services to regularly upgrade the servers.

There are certain points to keep in mind before choosing a hosting service provider for reselling purposes. The Best Reseller Hosting Whmcs usually offer the following features and services.

  • Pure SSD Drives
    • Quality is the first priority for any service. When the servers run with SSD drives, they work more efficiently and faster than spinning drives.
  • Guaranteed Uptime
    • Uninterrupted uptime is crucial for any business run. The website should be live and accessible at any given point during the day or night. Anything less than 99.9% uptime is not recommended.
  • Optimized Web Server
    • An optimized server is 5 times more efficient than the ordinary server. Server optimization ensures that the customers can get a maximum out of the services they pay for. Optimized servers run dynamic content 40 times faster. Websites will be loaded immediately on users’ devices.
  • 24*7 Support
    • The reselling firms do not take up the responsibility of providing maintenance services to the customers. It is the parent company that handles all the upgrades and maintenance details to ensure that the customers are not having any issues with the server.
    • The company should have a strong technical team and should troubleshoot the errors and glitches as soon as possible. The success of the reseller depends on the services provided by the parent company.
  • Free or Discounted Services
    • Many companies are offering free or discounted services to encourage resellers and customers. Free domain, free SSL certificate, free website transfer, free control panel, and free WHMCS have become standard offers by the companies.
    • Though most web hosting service providers are now offering a lot of free services, reseller firms should ensure that the company uses the latest servers and software systems.
  • Money-Back Guarantee
    • This is yet another offer that is sure to attract a lot of resellers. The companies realize that providing quality services is the only way to ensure that they stay in the business and give a tough fight to competitors.

The web hosting service providers have various bulk packages for reseller firms to choose from. Depending on how much they are willing to invest, the firms can choose the packages. After purchasing the server space in bulk, the reseller firms then divide it into smaller packages and sell the hosting services to individual customers.

Advantages of Choosing the Best Reseller Hosting Whmcs

  • Being a reseller gives the firm a chance to create and operate their own business without having to bother about the technical issues such as monitoring the servers and upgrading them.
  • The best companies also provide backup services for customers’ data. The reseller doesn’t have to take up that task either.
  • Apart from handling the basic accounts of selling the server space, the reseller doesn’t have to do anything else.

There is a good margin for profits as reseller firms get great discounts from the parent companies. Reselling hosting services is a profitable and advantageous business opportunity.

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