PureVPN Review: The Best VPN for Unblocking Sites, Protecting Your Privacy, and Getting the Fastest Speeds(2021)

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PureVPN is a fast VPN with largely excellent evaluations, thanks to its mostly positive reviews and enviable reputation. It’s a well-known and best VPN service that’s largely regarded as one of the best in the market. It’s the VPN to beat and best vpn for unblocking sites, according to both users and industry experts, and we’re here to check if it actually works.

Introduction: What is purevpn

At the beginning of this review, I want to provide a brief introduction to PureVPN’s basic set of features. PureVPN’s main three core features are Access, Stream, and Speed.

PureVPN has a well-deserved reputation of being one of the best VPN service providers in the world. And it’s no surprise that it’s the number one choice for many VPN experts as well. From its range of excellent features and price to its transparent and clean apps and VPN server locations, PureVPN is set to make your online life a little bit easier, a little bit safer, and much more private.

The VPN’s streaming profile optimizes your connection for high-speed streaming, but it uses a weaker encryption protocol than its other profiles. According to the customer support agent I spoke to, this is because stronger encryption protocols will slow down your connection.


Why You Need a VPN

The first time you launch a streaming app, the VPN may block it, because the app is attempting to access geo-restricted sites through the VPN. However, the actual impact of the VPN’s support and IP address blocking varies from server to server.

IPv6 block, which is not implemented by the app, requires a VPN to be actually in the country. We saw this in action when the VPN refused to unblock BBC iPlayer, despite being set to the United Kingdom.

You may be wondering how Pure VPN’s content blocking works. The service generates a series of IP addresses for a given country, so any streaming app that tries to access these addresses gets blocked.

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The Best VPN for Streaming

PureVPN offers the best service for streaming in particular, with its streaming profile optimized for the fastest connection and quality streaming. I tested it on Windows and MacOS and noticed a negligible decrease in upload and download speeds in comparison with other services.

I was also able to unblock websites including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Crunchyroll, Kodi firestick, YouTube, ShowMax, and Boxee.

The top five entry in the chart above lists just a handful of the VPN’s supported streaming sites. It supports hundreds of other sites, including Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, and Netflix in multiple regions including Australia, Canada, India, the UK, and the US. It’s a VPN worth considering if you want to unblock Netflix, and you can read more in our roundup of the best VPNs for streaming.


The Best VPN for Torrenting

In fact, there are a number of features here that would appeal to frequent torrent users. Here’s an example of what PureVPN does:

  • There is no limit to the amount of bandwidth you can use. With their premium services, Pure VPN promises “unlimited data transferring,” which is always a must-have for P2P users. This is true for both data and bandwidth, ensuring that neither speed nor capacity are limited.
  • Encryption that works. PureVPN excels in this area as well, with 256-bit AES encryption and support for popular tunneling protocols like OpenVPN and IKEv2.
  • Kill Switch. PureVPN was one of the first VPNs to incorporate a kill switch, as previously mentioned. If the VPN drops for any reason, this vital function disconnects you from the internet. Without it, snoopers or hackers would be able to access your IP and DNS information immediately.
  • Speed. PureVPN’s speed is a big plus. P2P users may expect lightning fast download speeds because to the company’s global network of over 6500+ servers, in 78+ countries, with 96+ locations
  • Port forwarding is the process of redirecting traffic from one computer to another The majority of premium VPNs don’t have this option, which is crucial if you want to keep your download/upload ratio in check.

PureVPN Review

P2P Traffic Usage

P2P traffic will be regularly blocked, as well as BitTorrent and others, according to PureVPN. On the other hand, P2P traffic to the UK is always perfectly allowed.

PureVPN Review: Legal Issues and Acceptable Use Policy

The company offers a straightforward privacy policy, which doesn’t include any ambiguous data.

But like most other VPN providers, PureVPN does not reveal the IP address that your data is routed through.

PureVPN Review: Miscellaneous Information

PureVPN has two very handy apps for both Android and iOS, and both support OpenVPN with IKEv2 protocol. You can also get a free version of the app, which does not have all of the features of the paid version.


The Best Things about PureVPN–here are 7 Reasons you should use it!

1. The program has been around for over a decade.

PureVPN has been providing VPN services since 2005, which is a company that knows what they’re doing. Compared to other programs that have a lot of ads and a low-quality service, PureVPN is a company that puts a lot of pride into their product.

2. 10 Multi-logins

Offers up to 10 multi purevpn logins, and it allows users to connect multiple devices – such as their laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. – to the VPN at a time with a single account.

This way, you can easily secure all of your household’s devices without spending money on additional VPN subscriptions. As a result, multi-login support is one of the most sought-after features when purchasing a VPN, regardless of the purpose.

3. Obfuscation technology

Many VPNs are blocked by authoritarian governments. Even if you are not in an oppressive regime, you might still find it difficult to access certain websites depending on your ISP. PureVPN offers obfuscation technology to get around these restrictions.

4.      A large selection of servers

You can choose from over 6500+ servers in 78+ countries, with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed.

5. Unblock Websites

PureVPN is a great choice for unblocking websites; it doesn’t matter where you are in the world and what internet service provider you’re using–you’re always going to be able to see what you want.

6. Secure Your Connection

This is where PureVPN really shines and is a great choice for user’s security. Encryption and protocols keep all of your information safe and sound, and the service lets you take care of this with an app that’s easy to use.

7. Online freedom

It is not just about security, PureVPN also offers you with online freedom. The internet is an amazing resource for information and entertainment, but it isn’t without risks. PureVPN offers you the choice of accessing all the content you need on the internet, without any censorship or restrictions.

8. The World’s First and Only VPN with Always-On Audit

PureVPN takes pride in being the first and only VPN to offer an Always-On audit. This means that KPMG can audit PureVPN’s operations and servers without warning at any moment.

9. It’s simple to use and provides the best security

PureVPN is an excellent Virtual Private Network service. One of the reasons it’s a favorite of mine is as follows:

A. It is very easy to use as it doesn’t require any technical skill or special knowledge.

B. With this VPN, you will stay secure as the encryption system is military grade and it provides more than enough protection from hackers and other cyber.

Purevpn review
You can search for the streaming platform you want to unblock within PureVPN’s client

Purevpn Pricing and Plans

Pure VPN offers three price plans:

PureVPN offers three plans at various prices, with discounts available for multiple subscriptions. PureVPN costs $10.95 per month. There’s also an option to purchase a one-year plan for $69.95.

Purevpn free trial

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Speed and Stability

PureVPN initially appeared to work fine, as I enjoyed stable speeds from US to South Korea without any hiccups. I experienced a decrease in download speeds in late evening when the VPN was not active, but, again, I was unable to confirm any connection-related issues.

However, as I began to use VPN exclusively to unblock streaming sites, I experienced significant slowdowns and dropped upload speeds. I observed download speeds around 1Mbps, and upload speeds around 0.01Mbps. This was when I manually terminated my PureVPN session to cut off unnecessary load on my connection. To unblock sites, I once again began using PureVPN, but I found that the service performed incredibly well in this particular scenario. I recorded download speeds of close to 75Mbps and upload speeds of around 3.8Mbps.

Privacy and Security

This anonymous vpn service allows users to protect their online privacy by securing all of their online activity. The network works on a “zero logs” policy to keep your online activities secure and cannot be compelled to hand over your data, except under the strictest of legal cases.

However, I had a hands on with Windows desktop before being able to utilize the service’s features. The app showed up in the Windows store shortly after the review unit received it from my email.

This being a native Windows app, there’s no more need to click the “Connect to server” link before starting the app.

The PureVPN app has multiple privacy-related settings and options.

Customer Support

PureVPN comes with a knowledge base available in multiple languages that guides you step-by-step through the setup process, and a 24/7 live chat support agent that can answer any of your queries. I spoke to a representative over the phone about the installation procedure, and was told that I didn’t have to change anything, which is impressive considering how much installation there is to do.

The only VPN on the market with one strict traffic policy – PureVPN will not throttle your connection or throttle the speed at all.

The VPN has no logging policies, and privacy is protected by a system of Fidonet and IKEv2 encryption technologies. A tiny fraction of internet data transmitted to and from the VPN server is saved to secure PureVPN’s database, while the rest is discarded.

PureVPN is a great choice if you want to unblock sites that are blocked by your ISP, in countries like the US and UK. PureVPN is known to support almost all major streaming platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, Vimeo, and the latest variant of the Pirate Bay.

This VPN service provides you with all the features you need, including the latest network security, game recording, and a list of 1,000+ apps to get a superior internet connection.

Purevpn no-log

Does purevpn keep logs? Purevpn does not store any records that can be used to identify or track a user’s activities.” “That is why PureVPN has included additional features to provide proactive, preventative, and comprehensive protection.” There are no third-party parties engaged, and there are no logs of your activity.

no lof vpn

The best thing about PureVPN is that it allows the use of adblock software on the Android app, just in case you want to avoid annoying ads. You can change the location of the VPN on the app too, if you want to download the data-saving Private Internet Access for instance.


We recommend PureVPN as an excellent choice for privacy novices and professionals alike. Find out more about how we review anonymous free VPNs here

If you want a fast, stable, and secure VPN service with easy to use apps and unblock US Netflix, PureVPN is a good choice.

Note that, all things considered, my experience with PureVPN is not perfect. I had some minor network issues and was not able to fully enjoy my time in Moscow, because my best friend’s roommate, who was vacationing at home, was using his connection on one of my computer. Still, I’d recommend this VPN for anyone who’s really serious about watching Netflix and other video streaming sites with reckless abandon.

PureVPN’s fast speeds and easy-to-use interface are enough to get you going, but it’s an extremely popular VPN service, and you’ll find a lot of users already using it.

If you purchase via links on our site, we may receive affiliate commissions.



Is PureVPN a good VPN?

PureVPN is a fast VPN with largely excellent ratings. It provides powerful data encryption, a plethora of safe protocols, and capabilities for smooth torrenting and streaming, making it an excellent VPN for media consumption.

Is PureVPN better than NordVPN?

In every server location we tested, NordVPN was significantly faster than PureVPN. And this is not an exception. In our ExpressVPN vs NordVPN comparison, NordVPN came out on top. One reason NordVPN is so much quicker than PureVPN is that it employs the WireGuard VPN protocol.

How much does PureVPN cost?

Pricing for VPN services isn’t often as easy as it appears, and this was especially true with PureVPN, a strong service with fast connections and a logging policy that doesn’t monitor your online activities. You may pick between a one-week trial, a monthly or six-month membership, or long-term commitments with a 31-day money-back guarantee.

Is PureVPN free to use?

Install PureVPN for free and try all its features without committing to anything! PureVPN’s fast and secure servers allow you to browse the internet without interruptions. Connect to over 6500 ultra-fast and ultra-secure VPN servers in over 96 countries to safely access material globally at the quickest speed.

Who are the typical users of PureVPN?

PureVPN allows you to connect up to 10 devices at the same time with a single account. That’s more than double the norm, and it’s likely to cover every gadget in even a big family.

Does PureVPN support mobile devices?

PureVPN’s compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, and iOS, is one of its strongest points. It is the world’s oldest provider of virtual private networks.

Can I trust PureVPN?

PureVPN is a trustworthy VPN service. It employs AES-256 encryption and provides dependable tunneling techniques such as OpenVPN.

Who owns PureVPN?

GZ Systems Limited, a software firm that develops Android sports apps, owns PureVPN. Its postal address is at Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay. Uzair Gadit, a Pakistan-based co-founder, co-founded PureVPN.
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