How to Use Google Search Console improve SEO

How to Use Google Search Console improve SEO

How to Use Google Search Console improve SEO:

How to Use Google Search Console improve SEO 1

Getting your website on the top positions of Google produces a number of benefits that you just cannot ignore.

You want to constantly improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results? Or, Why would you go through search terms you already rank for to find new keywords to write about?

In this article, you’ll learn how to gather valuable intel using the Search Console and see your website on the elusive first page of Google for a given search term.

Google Search Console got wealth of information buried within that can help you find new keywords and to improve existing rankings. Ranking for a keyword in organic search is a repeatable process.

We can use Google Search Console to maximize our SEO efforts. You won’t get the results you want 100% of the time, especially if you’re a new website trying to rank for a popular keyword, or  just creating a great piece of content with initial promotional push.

So how do we boost ranking?

Step 1: Find Low Performance Keywords

You probably launched or published a new content and added a lot of new keywords to your article. However, a few months later, you discover that the keyword is not generating any impressions, what do you do? 

You can find low performance keywords using the google search console tool. Google Search Console’s report contains many of the basic pieces of data you’ll need to rely on for SEO. To see your keywords in Google Search Console, log in to the tool, click “Performance,” and scroll down the page, then select queries.

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If you can find these search queries, you can find the ranking pages and re-optimise and improve them for better results. The contents on your website needs to be revisited otherwise you are missing out on a huge opportunity for more traffic. SEO is an ongoing process. And so is content optimisation.

Step 2: Produce high quality content

To drive more traffic to your website and increase its popularity, you need to give visitors a reason to keep coming back. Producing regular and high quality content is a great way to  get people talking about your products, your services, and your company.

Quality content is also a great way to engage your customers and maybe even create a community resulting SEO boost. Do not forget, you can write, optimise and improve content based on your ranking keywords. 

To see what keywords your individual pages rank for, you’ll need to take a couple of steps. First, click the “Pages” tab, and then select the page you want to review. 

Internal linking is crucial in site design if you want your website to be indexed by search engines. Internal links also connect your content and it is one of the biggest levers of Google rankings and traffic increases for a website. So, if you want to give Google an idea of the structure of your website, then optimise your internal links.

Google finds your posts and pages best when they’re linked to from somewhere on the web.

Some importance of optimizing your internal links:

#1: It helps search engines understand the structure of your website

#2: A proper internal linking strategy can really boost your ranking power

#3: It helps users navigate the website and it keeps users on the website 

If search engines don’t know your website or webpage exists, your chance of ranking is impossible. It’s a waste if the page of your site isn’t in Google’s index. You can manually submit your website by adding your sitemap in Search Console pages and have them indexed or allow search engines discover your new website and webpages on their own, providing that they’re linked to from somewhere on the web.

Follow the step:

1. Open Search Console 

2. Select your property 

3. Select Sitemaps 

4. Paste the URL you want to submit into the search bar and wait for Google’s test to complete.

5. Hit “submit”

6. If Google doesn’t find any errors, click “Request Indexing

If your mobile visitors currently don’t have a good experience when they land on your website, you’re driving away a huge portion of your potential traffic and hurting your search engine rankings in the process. It’s crucial that all pages on your website are mobile-friendly. Always think about your mobile users as a priority.

How to Use Google Search Console improve SEO

With the Google Console Tool you can find out if there are penalties affecting your property. A website that is penalized by Google cannot achieve good rankings, so your priority is to find out which algorithmic changes are affecting your web property and create a recovery plan.

Nobody wants to have something wrong on their website, but sometimes you might not realize there’s a problem unless someone tells you. Instead of waiting for someone to tell you about a problem, Google Search Console can immediately notify you of any errors it finds on on your site.

There are 2 types of penalties: Manual Action or Algorithmic Penalty.

To find out if your website is penalized:

1. Open Search Console 

2. Select your property

3. Security and Manual action

4. Select Manual actions


From the Search Console dashboard, there are friendly options available to help manage and improve your website. We have outlined to the best of our understanding “How to Use Google Search Console improve SEO“.

Hope this information proved to be useful for your business presence on Google. Do you have any suggestions for any new features that the Martwebhosting team must implement in order to identify and easily improve on SEO? Please share your comments with us, we truly value and love the feedback of our customers.

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