How to Setup Outlook and Constant Contact Integration

How to Setup for Outlook and Constant Contact Integration

Wondering How to Setup Outlook and Constant Contact Integration


This article is provided as a courtesy to our customers to help you configure your Microsoft Outlook software with integrating constant contact.

If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that we’ll see business jump on board with Outlook mail. Your business needs to be there.

What are some apps used to setup outlook mails?

  1. Microsoft Outlook is one of the most common is a products from Microsoft, available as a part of the Microsoft Office suite and e ail providers in the world. Aside from being easy to use, it also has an advantage of using single sign-on. In fact, you can automatically sync your account to a webmail server.
  2. Contact Constant: Constant Contact has a built-in platform that includes a suite of its own functionality, like social media marketing, events, surveys, and the like. Whether you are looking to do a one-time bulk upload of contacts or setup an Auto-Upload, Constant Contact for Outlook ensures you will always have Outlook contacts in your account. THEY OFFER 60 DAY FREE TRIAL

As a result of the simple interface and powerful integration, most people don’t mind connecting to the web via outlook to grab their messages. But, what if you don’t need to launch web browser every time you want to check for new messages? You can easily integrate outlook to the default Mail app on your Microsoft Office suite and access emails instantly. The Constant Contact integration module allows you to send contact data collected through your contact forms to the Constant Contact API.


Before you start, be sure you have these handy:

  • Your domain name:
  • Your email address:
    Then Your email password.

For now, however, let’s just focus on the Main Settings in Manually Configuring Outlook:

  • Open Outlook (versions of Outlook don’t vary much in webmail configure)
  • From “File” click on “Add Accounts” button to start
  • Next, select “Manually configure server settings or additional server types”, then press “Next
  • Choose “Internet E-mail”, then “Next
  • A new window will appear, in which you fill in all the information required:
    • In “Username” tab, enter your webmail Address:
    • From “Password” tab, enter your own password
    • In “Incoming Mail Server”, enter your “”
    • From “Outgoing Mail Server”, enter your “”
    • Click on “More Settings
  • From “Outgoing Server” tab, check on the box “My outgoing server requires authentication
  • Go to “Advanced” tab, make “Incoming server” POP3: 995 & check on the box “Encrypted Connection Type: SSL” button
  • Next, make “Outgoing server” SMTP: 465 & choose Encrypted Connection Type : “SSL
  • Press “OK” to save the settings
  • Finally, press “Yes” when asked “Do you want to continue using this server
  • Click on “Test Account Settings” to verify your steps
  • On “Test Account Settings” bar, you will find that “status” is marked “completed” for both “Log onto incoming mail server POP3” and “Send test email message” which means the process is done and tested.
  • Click “Finish

How techy is this?

Now you have successfully finished your setup and configured your webmail on Outlook, and are ready to sync Constant Contact API without any disconnectivity.

It’s so easy to connect Constant Contact email marketing software with Microsoft Outlook and requires absolutely zero coding experience. To connect and sync your business email list and get a 60 Day free trial visit CONSTANT CONTACT here.

However, some business solutions that online businesses can integrate with Constant Contact email marketing tool include:

  1. Salesforce: Constant Contact integration with salesforce is great for marketing and sales
  2. Mindbody: Mindbody constant contact integration requires no coding experience
  3. GoldMine CRM: Integration allows you to upload segmented lists from GoldMine.
  4. Contact Form 7
  5. Evenbrite: Constant Contact’s integration with Eventbrite makes it easier than ever to manage and promote events.
  6. Quickbook: Constant Contact tells you how many people opened a message.
  7. WordPress: Simple WordPress website contact syns
  8. MailChimp
  9. AddThis: Use addthis email capture constant contact integration to get website visitors
  10. ReCharge: Constant Contact integration with recharge subscriptions
  11. Filmaker Pro: Constant Contact integration with filemaker equals happy customer
  12. 3Dcart: A leading ecommerce solution provider

Constant Contact can be a powerful tool for small businesses of many different kinds that can connect your outlook mail and many business solutions with ease. To truly get the most out of email marketing, however, make sure you keep tracking your open rates under “reports.” This will help you optimize the types of messages you send to best engage your customers.

Disclosure: I earn a commission from Constant Contact if you use my referral link to make a purchase at no extra cost to you. Thanks for your support.

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