How to connect stripe on Site123

How to connect stripe on site123

How to connect stripe on site123: Have you been struggling to connect stripe on Site123 but don’t know how and what it takes? Let me show you how to connect stripe with Site123 and start withdrawing your earning in local currencies.

If you’re new to website building or just aren’t feeling confident about the technical side of creating and managing stripe payment, then you want a builder that won’t take you hours to figure out, don’t worry this article will guide you through the process of setting up a Stripe on Site123.

It’s no surprise to learn then that Site123 is built for individuals and businesses who need a website up fast and for growing their online brand. So, integrating Stripe Plugin allows you to accept payments from your WordPress site via Stripe payment gateway. You can sell your products or services via Stripe using this plugin.

What is Stripe Payment?

These days, starting an online business is a pretty straightforward task. There are countless tools and platforms that can help you collect payments, set up a storefront and track orders. Speaking of taking your business international, Stripe accepts payments in more than 135 currencies and in most countries.

Why is it important to integrate Stripe on Site123?

Bringing in sales is important for any ecommerce store, but an aspect that’s often overlooked is how to bring the money in. This involves choosing the best payment gateway for your needs. Stripe being a third party Payment Gateway service provider helps you achieve this. It’s basically like a cashier’s desk. But instead of you being physically present to handle the transaction, your payment gateway does the job for you.

Reasons to Configure Stripe Payment Gateway on Site123

Stripe was founded in 2010 by brothers Patrick and John Collison, with the aim of simplifying online financial transactions. Stripe requires your site to be using SSL/HTTPS encryption. If you don’t already have SSL certificate for your website, then please setup one.

Connecting stripe to Site123 is something essential for any eCommerce store or Website builder ready to collect payments. Why? Because it will help you to save fees on currency exchange, and you can use it to receive payments on Aliexpress or in any other platform. The payment gateway handles verification and transfer requests. Having millions of active customers, Stripe is one of the most popular payment gateways on the market. As an international online payment service, It offers payment solutions for online businesses of all sizes.

How to connect stripe on site123

As the integration process requires a Stripe identity key, you’ll need to signup for an account. At this time, connecting stripe on Site123 (markets itself as free website builder) the are only able to accept Instant Payments or credit card gateway only when you upgrade to a professional or gold level account. Which means you must have an upgraded Site123 account to sell online like selling digital products or the checkout options for the payment gateway to process successfully.

Your Site123 store can be integrated with Stripe in a quick and easy setup process that allows you to start trading straight away.  You’ll be able to accept multiple currencies through all major credit and debit cards through Stripes payment interface.

Creating your stripe account

To get started with connecting stripe on site123, you will first need to set up a free account.

Click here to create your Stripe account.

Adding stripe to your Site123 store

You will need to add Stripe as a payment gateway option to your Site123 account.

  1. First Create a Stripe account
  2. Locate Edit – Settings – Payment methods.
  3. From the Credit Card Gateway Provider list choose the gateway name.
  4. Input your Secret Key and Publishable Key.


Having a Stripe payment gateway connected to your Site123 is essential for every ecommerce store. Fortunately, Site123 includes a built-in Stripe functionality ready to help you right from the start. Once you have integrated the store with your Stripe account, you’ll be able to receive payments from your customers.

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