Adding Images to Notepin


The freemium version of Notepin can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and it allows you to pin your notes in the notification area. The app is easy to use and has a simple interface, allowing you to focus on the important things and keep track of them all at the same time. There are several features of the app, including customizable notifications in different colors. This feature allows you to prioritize your notes and keep track of your projects more easily.

How to Add Images to Notepin

Notepin offers one theme that will match any site. You can create a pinned list of notes with a unique URL or customize the design. It has themes, a speed reader, and an audio recorder. This software is also very customizable, with the ability to export your Ghost blog in minutes. You can even import your blog from Ghost in a few minutes. It comes with a few unique features that you might want to consider, like its Text to speech and speed readers.

As soon as you install Notepin, you can begin creating your notebooks. You can sort them by the number of columns you want, the priority level, and the number of important notes. You can also delete all notes by swiping down on the notification panel. You can swipe down on a single note to remove it, whereas a pinned note cannot be removed. The app also displays the notes in your notification bar, so you can keep track of them without having to open them.

While the free plan does not include any cons, you can opt for a paid plan, which removes the Notepin branding from your blog. You will also receive a custom domain, email subscriptions, and Google Analytics information. The paid version is also a good value, and comes with more features. It’s worth the price and you can begin blogging for free right away. However, notepin can become a distraction if you’re not organized enough.

Google Keep is another great option for users looking for a note-making application. While Google Keep requires user input, it is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. While the free version is a bit pricey, the paid version is worth the price. You can make as many notes as you like in the app and it’s up to you. It’s easy to use and the free version is available for download from the Google Play Store.

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