GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Automation: The Solution for Scaling Your Online Store

GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Automation is an automated marketing tool designed specifically to scale your online store while you sleep. This new software solution helps online store owners with three main tasks – driving more traffic, creating more sales, and helping you find the best possible customers for your business. Getresponse recently launched this product as part of their latest update and are very excited about it!

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Automation can benefit your online store and help you reach even more success!


Background on GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Automation

GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Automation is a solution that helps online store owners scale their businesses in an automated manner. Some of its key features include automated product recommendations, cart recovery campaigns, and sales notifications. GetResponse also provides reporting on key metrics so you can measure your marketing performance.

GetResponse email marketing benchmarks studies over 2 million small and large businesses, engagement metrics in a year, covering key areas such as revenue, order size and e-mail open rates. It’s clear that online store owners don’t have time to do everything they need to ensure their success. That’s why Getresponse launched GetResponse eCommerce Marketing Automation—to help online store owners scale their businesses in an automated manner.

What can you do with this enhanced automation solution?

You can use getresponse to automate sending emails, including follow-ups to abandoned carts or abandoned shopping carts, and send different segments of your audience different messages. You also can use automation with form submissions from websites and landing pages. With marketing automation in getresponse you have access to a website visitor tracking tool that allows you to track exactly how your visitors are moving through your site. From here you can then automatically push visitors into segments based on their behavior.

GetResponse Ecommerce

Four great examples of what you can achieve with this tool.

  • Drive automated follow-ups to abandoned carts and segment your audience based on their actions.
  • Get e-mail marketing benchmarks from different email providers and use them to improve conversion rates.
  • Connect your store to GetResponse and automate order delivery with one click, without ever leaving your mailbox.
  • Track how individual customers use your products by creating coupon codes that track sales by features.


What are the main benefits?

GetResponse eCommerce Marketing provides you with several benefits. First, it allows you to create a clear and specific marketing strategy. You can learn how to scale your business in an automated manner by creating automated email marketing campaigns, workflows, and marketing automation rules. For example, if a customer signs up for your store newsletter or makes their first purchase, you can send them an email saying Thank you along with 10% off their next purchase.

Features of Getresponse Ecommerce

It offers a host of features that allow businesses to effortlessly scale their online operations, while saving time and money. Some of these include integrations with leading shopping carts, order management tools and an easy-to-use marketing toolkit.
The tool also gives merchants access to CRM functions so they can build stronger relationships with their customers, create targeted email campaigns that drive sales and increase repeat orders from their existing clientele.

  • Advanced segmentation: Data on client purchases, order history, and website behaviour allows for the creation of segments for specific customer groups and the creation of highly targeted marketing campaigns that convert.
  • Website visitor tracking: Email marketing benchmarks show that online stores using GetResponse eCommerce Marketing Automation see 20% more sales than those who do not use automation. And that’s just one example of how business owners can grow their e-commerce businesses through marketing automation. With GetResponse, you can connect your store to your email marketing platform so you can send product recommendations, newsletters and promotional emails on autopilot.
  • Tags and scores: Create bespoke segments based on the actions of your contacts.
  • Ecommerce List Management: In order to make an eCommerce store successful, you need to leverage a good list management strategy. There are two common strategies when it comes to managing your eCommerce mailing lists: segmented and house-wide. With segmented lists, you’ll have a separate list of contacts that you send specific types of content and offers; with house-wide lists, you’ll send out one message across your entire audience.
  • Ecommerce Autoresponders: Getresponse’s ecommerce autoresponders provide automated messaging to your customers. For example, you can thank new customers by sending them an email with a coupon code. Or send a follow-up email after they order something from your store thanking them and encouraging them to check out other products in your shop. This is all done automatically, meaning that you will spend less time in front of your computer and more time growing your business.
  • Quick transactional emails: Email is one of online marketing’s most powerful, cost-effective and versatile tools. Yet it’s often overlooked as a part of online store owners’ marketing automation strategy. That’s why GetResponse launched this.
  • Product recommendations: Product recommendations are an effective way to provide your customers with information they might find valuable. And, if you use Getresponse eCommerce Marketing Automation, product recommendations can help boost sales and increase customer loyalty. Here’s how it works: You’ve pre-selected a few products (that either match or complement your offerings) that you’d like to recommend.
  • Getresponse Ecommerce Promo codes: With Getresponse, you can go from zero to full automation in a matter of minutes, without compromising on quality. Connect your store to automate your email marketing campaigns, content delivery and more. Access powerful features with promo code.

You can include promotional codes in a variety of messages, including newsletters, autoresponders, and automation messages.

They all have a simple drag-and-drop editor that allows you to quickly construct attractive messages to send your codes. Getresponse eCommerce Marketing Automation is one of their most demanded offerings among SMBs.

  • Getresponse Ecommerce Web push notifications: Getresponse eCommerce marketing automation can also be used to broadcast a message or a discount on your website. Once you integrate Getresponse with your online store, you can use Web push notifications to trigger campaigns based on customer behavior and preferences. For example, if you have customers who visit your site at 5 PM every day, and they’ve added items to their shopping cart but haven’t made a purchase in 24 hours, send them an email via Getresponse to remind them about items they have yet to purchase.
  • Ecommerce segmentation: Getting Started with segmentation with Getresponse eCommerce: one of most important parts in Marketing Automation is eCommerce segmentation. Segmenting enables us to reach users who have high and low purchase interest, or segment with cart abandonment, it helps to easily scale your business by improving conversion and sales rate. Let’s see how we can setup and configure our segments in Getresponse Ecommerce Marketing automation (GEM).
  • Website Builder: As an online store owner, you are constantly thinking of ways to increase your conversion rate. You have done everything in your power to get more traffic to your website; now it’s time to focus on converting more of those visitors into paying customers. If you are running a B2C business, Getresponse’s eCommerce Website Builder is exactly what you need!
  • Getresponse Ecommerce Conversion funnels: Go beyond standard email automation by engaging your customers on every step of their journey to purchase. Whether your goal is to reduce cart abandonment, send abandoned cart reminders, or drive more repeat purchases, our eCommerce Conversion funnels will help you achieve it.
  • Unique Landing Pages: With all of these features, you’re bound to attract more leads and sales. Getresponse Ecommerce landing pages provide a call-to-action that will make it easier to convert your visitors into customers. Just like with any eCommerce store, it’s crucial that you can easily persuade people to click on one of your CTA buttons – after all, if people don’t see an immediate benefit in clicking on a certain button or link, they won’t do it.
  • Getresponse Ecommerce Integrates Paid ads: Paid advertising is a great way to increase traffic to your website, but it can be very expensive and resource-intensive. One solution is to start out by advertising on one platform—such as Facebook or Google AdWords—and then work toward expanding into other channels like social media or email marketing services. This allows you to focus your limited budget on one channel at a time, and then expand your reach once you’ve got things humming along nicely in one place. Connected my store with Getresponse.
  • Ecommerce Integrations: The new GetResponse for Ecommerce connects with Shopify, PrestaShop, and WooCommerce platforms, allowing for multichannel customer engagement and increased sales.

You can also connect your eCommerce store with your Getresponse account by using Zapier. Getresponse makes it simple and easy to set up automation. Once you’ve connected your Getresponse and Shopify accounts, you can get started with automating marketing campaigns in just a few minutes. Once you’ve configured all of your automations, they will run independently from that point forward—which means that you won’t have to log in or check on them. In addition, the following can also be integrated with your marketing tool API, Facebook, Stripe, Etsy, Salesforce, WordPress, magneto, majenta, Twitter Integration.

  • Forms and popups: When it comes to scaling an online store, you’re going to need a lot of leads. With Getresponse eCommerce marketing automation, you can set up forms and popups on your website so that when customers arrive at your site they are automatically prompted to complete a form. When they do, their information is seamlessly passed on over to Getresponse where it can be managed. You can then begin building relationships with these new contacts through automated messages.

Getresponse Ecommerce New Pricing

New Pricing

Getresponse offers new pricing options. The first is an account that can be used by up to 1,000 contacts, a paying plan starting at $59/month. (Here’s a full list of Getresponse pricing details) : We looked at their new pricing and it seemed fair to us because we now get awesome features like multivariate testing and shopping cart abandonment recovery software as well as an end-to-end email marketing solution where we previously only got access to transactional emails.

Final thoughts on the new feature

GetResponse eCommerce Marketing is an automated tool that helps online store owners scale their businesses. It helps ecommerce store owners connect Getresponse with their shopping cart, and automatically sync product pages with marketing lists, emails, follow-ups and more.

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