As a website owner, I launched the Martwebhosting blog back in February 2019. The original idea was to teach our clients how to do some specific things with Web Hosting, and thus help them get more information on effective websites. Then, over time, the blog started reaching more and more people until finally it has evolved into what it is today. 

On a more personal note, I believe that being transparent with my audience is the right thing to do. That’s why I’m creating this disclosure page to let you know that I do make money from this website.

If you’re using this website, then you should know:

  • I get direct benefit from every post and page I put on this website. 
  • If you see an external link with a prefix /refer/or a note with coupon, then it is an affiliate link. What that means is if you click on that link and purchase a product, then at no-additional cost to you, I will receive a small referral commission.This is where affiliate links come into play. Some of our posts contain them. If you click on such an affiliate product link and end up making a purchase, we’ll receive a commission from the seller. The amount you pay for the product doesn’t increase, so there’s no cost on your part. 
  • These affiliate commissions help us keep the business running.