Choosing a Host

Before you start looking for a hosting mate, knowing which type of host you need is important. You just have to take a moment to think about what you’re looking to get out of it without wasting time and resources.

Taking the right decision is very important as there are lots of hosting choices. We have listed and categorized the Top Hosting companies based on reviews here for you.

  • Best Shared Hosting Reviews: Bluehost
  • Best Premier Customer Support: Namecheap
  • For Speed and Accessibility: WPX
  • Fast and secure: Dreamhost
  • Best Student website builder: Wix
  • Growth and Dependability: HostGator

Whether you’re sticking with GoDaddy or moving to a new host entirely, GoDaddy’s “opt-in” practice is a good reminder to regularly check your website for oddities. Craft up a sample page and look at your code. Is there anything in there that looks strange? You might not be able to escape code insertions from your host, but it’s important to know what they are, what they’re doing, and whether they’re impacting your site’s functionality in any way.