Cheap Domain in Nigeria 2020

Cheap Domain in Nigeria: What do you need from a cheap web hosting service besides affordability? You’ll want all the things which every hosting company should provide – speedy load times, close to 100% uptime, and reliable customer support that can help you if needed.

At affordable rates and with hundreds to choose from, it’s even easier to find a perfect and Cheap Domain in Nigeria.

To start, you’ve come to the right place – we know which cheap web hosts have quick load times and high-percentage uptimes. 

Cheap Domain in Nigeria

Our domain name prices are 100% transparent. There are no hidden surprises or extra costs when you buy a domain name or renew domains. Our full domain pricing table is shown below. 

1 HOSTINGER $ 0.80/MONTH 398ms
2 NAMECHEAP $ 8.88/YEAR 401ms
3 BLUEHOST $ 2.95/MONTH 1.76ms


We’ve helped hundreds of businesses get online since 2018. Whatever domain name you require, we can provide it – together with top quality support, we will have you and your business online in no time.

How to buy a domain name in Nigeria

In order to open a website in Nigeria, it is required to buy a domain name, chosen in accordance with the activities carried out by the company.

When buying a domain name, investor can opt for one of the following top-level domain names

  • .ng – available for websites in Nigeria
  • .com – available for legal entities; 
  • .edu – available for educational institutions;
  • .net – usually is designated for network providers;
  • .org – available for non-governmental organisations or for entities which do not fit in the above mentioned top-level domain names;
  • .int – available for international organisations. 

Here’s What You Get When You Register Domain Names With Martwebhosting

  • Instant Domain Registration: No waiting around. Your domain is registered instantly
  • Cheap Domains: We offer low cost domain name registration services on hundreds of domain extensions
  • No Hidden Domain Fees: When registering a domain there are no surprises or extra domain costs
  • No Paperwork: When you register a domain name there is no paperwork or forms to fill in

Domain Name FAQs

A domain name is a set of numbers and characters used to represent a website. A domain name is needed if you want to have a website or email addresses.

Your choice of domain name is personal. As a minimum we recommend that you register the .com 

Why do I need a Cheap Domain in Nigeria?

You need it for your small or medium sized businesses. Get your business online. Registering with us, you will have an online presence like a website and email addresses. A domain is the home of your business.

That’s it guys. Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any suggestions regarding Cheap Domain in Nigeria.

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