Cheap Domain in Nigeria 2020

cheap domain in Nigeria

Cheap Domain Name Registration in Nigeria: What do you need from a cheap web hosting service besides affordability? You’ll want all the things which every hosting company should provide – speedy load times, close to 100% uptime, and reliable customer support that can help you if needed.

At affordable rates and with hundreds to choose from, it’s even easier to find a perfect and Cheap Domain in Nigeria.

To start, you’ve come to the right place – we know which cheap web hosts have quick load times and high-percentage uptimes. 

Cheap Domain and Hosting in Nigeria

All you need to buy cheap domain in Nigeria is to know the reliable hosting provider. Our domain name prices are 100% transparent. There are no hidden surprises or extra costs when you buy a domain name or renew domains. Our full domain pricing table is shown below and can be used to buy cheap domain name in Nigeria.

Check out cheap domain and hosting in Nigeria


1 HOSTINGER $ 0.80/MONTH 398ms
2 NAMECHEAP $ 8.88/YEAR 401ms
3 BLUEHOST $ 2.95/MONTH 1.76ms

LOW COST REGISTRATION (.com cheap domain)

We’ve helped hundreds of businesses get online since 2018. Whatever domain name you require, we can provide it – together with cheapest prices, top quality support, we will have you and your business online in no time. You can also buy cheap domain name with perfect money.

How to buy cheap domain in Nigeria

In order to open a website in Nigeria, it is required to buy a domain name, chosen in accordance with the activities carried out by the company. 

When buying a domain name, investor can opt for one of the following top-level domain names

  • cheap .ng domain – available for websites in Nigeria
  • .com cheap domain – available for legal entities; 
  • .edu – available for educational institutions;
  • .net – usually is designated for network providers;
  • .org – available for non-governmental organisations or for entities which do not fit in the above mentioned top-level domain names;
  • .int – available for international organisations. 

Here’s What You Get When You Register Domain Names With Martwebhosting

  • Instant Domain Registration: No waiting around. Your domain is registered instantly
  • Cheap domain name registration: We offer low cost domain name registration services on hundreds of domain extensions
  • No Hidden Domain Fees: When registering a domain there are no surprises or extra domain costs
  • No Paperwork: When you register a domain name there is no paperwork or forms to fill in

A domain name is a set of numbers and characters used to represent a website. A domain name is needed if you want to have a website or email addresses.

Your choice of domain name is personal. As a minimum we recommend that you register the .com, a perfect extension for the business.

Why do I need a Cheap Domain in Nigeria?

You need it for your small or medium sized businesses. Get your business online. Registering with us, you will have an online presence like a WordPress website and email addresses. A domain is the home of your business.

That’s it guys. Feel free to leave us a comment below if you have any suggestions regarding Cheap Domain in Nigeria.


Final Thoughts

When it comes down to it, the best thing you can do for your future online business, website, blog, or online store is to take the action and lock down a domain name so you can move onto making a website and sharing your products, services or thoughts to the world.

As far as domain providers and registrars go, I would have to recommend Hostinger as they have given me the best customer service, great prices, a wide range of domains.

If you are ready to make your very own website, you can see my cheap web hosting with free domain in Nigeria here that are WordPress recommended picks.

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