BookBolt Free Account:How to Create Your Own Book with Amazon KDP

What if you could just push one button and have your own printed book in your hands? That’s what Amazon KDP Print, the publishing platform from Amazon, allows you to do with books in both paperback and hardcover formats. If you want to create your own printed book that you can actually hold in your hands and share with others, using Bookbolt free account creator is the best way to do it. Here’s how!

Book Bolt Software

What is a bookbolt?
BookBolt is a beginner-friendly low-content book publishing software that allows you to create books from scratch. Not only that, it allows you to scale a book publishing business without writing a single word. With some pre-designed templates and drag and drop features, you’ll have your own professional looking book in minutes!
In our opinion, every person has some kind of message they’re supposed to share with the world.

Basic information about the Amazon KDP program
If you’re thinking about getting into self-publishing, creating your own book is the first step. With so many publishing software and companies out there, it can be overwhelming knowing which one is right for you. Amazon offers a service called Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) that makes the process of publishing your own book on Kindle or print-on-demand a breeze.

Why should I use Bookbolt for my own book?
Amazon KDP is a great tool for business owners looking to scale their book publishing company without writing a single word. With it, you can not only create your own book, but also edit your work, publish it on Kindle and make money by listing your books in the Kindle Store.

Book Bolt Software

Puzzle books

This is a worthwhile category to explore. Book Bolt can generate word searches, sudoku, anagrams, and a variety of other puzzles and mazes for both children and adults.

Music books

To encourage aspiring musicians to write their own music, music books might be sold.

There are some empty music lines inside the Book Bolt so that the owner can create their own tunes. You could probably become one of the few sellers of music books with a little creativity, I think.

Niche Research

Use the Book Bolt Cloud tool to view the most popular book categories. You can find your area of expertise by using a keyword search. This is the first stage in determining what will sell and what won’t.

Keyword Research

The Book Bolt keyword research tool is quite useful. The terms on the left menu ought to be accompanied with a little skeleton key. When you click on it, it ought to take you to a keyword search engine.

Why are my pages in black and white in Amazon preview?
When you go to Preview on Amazon and click the preview button, your pages will automatically be shown in black and white (grayscale). This means that a one-page preview is black and white, while a two-page preview would show the left-hand page in color and the right-hand page in grayscale. All pages are always shown as grayscale in print previews.

What if I don’t want to give away all my content for free?
With the free-to-use, high-quality publishing software created by the minds behind BookBolt, you can finally create your own free book! This program lets you publish and sell books on Amazon KDP and then distributes them across all major eBooks outlets such as Google Play, Apple iTunes, Kobo, OverDrive and more. You no longer have to put a lot of work into writing your own book when this software has already done most of the heavy lifting for you.

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Should I just publish it on Kindle then buy those copies myself?
Whether you’re an author, a publisher, or a blogger-turned-author, this guide will show you how to publish your book on Kindle and drive in traffic from platforms like Facebook. Whether you want more exposure for your book or are simply looking for new ways to make some money on the side, this course is perfect for both.

Can I change the cover after publishing my first version?
Yes, you can change the cover for both your first and subsequent versions. When editing the book details, go to change cover under book settings on the left hand side of the page. You will then be taken through a few steps to select a new cover for your book!

Read How to Publish a Book on Bookbolt

Does your guide teach how to market my own book?
Every business needs marketing, whether it’s traditional or online. One of the best and most inexpensive ways to market your book is through book reviews. Whether you use a paid or free service, people that don’t know about your work will read what other people say about it. The first few reviews that your book receives are the most important because they can make or break a customer’s perception of what they’re getting into before purchasing.

What about audiobooks versions of my book?
Books take longer than ever before to produce. Nowadays, an author needs at least 12-18 months just to write a novel, and then they need an additional six months or more for editing and rewriting. If your book is part of a series, that timeline just got even longer! Audiobooks are the perfect solution if you want your book published as quickly as possible.

What about Paperback versions of my book?
Publishing your book as a paperback is an excellent idea if you are worried about the readers wanting a hard copy of your book. Or, if you already have a paperback book and want to transfer it over to Kindle, this process can be completed by going through the steps.

Because the interiors are only available on the Pro plan, there is far less competition because fewer people do.

Music books

Music books can be marketed to budding musicians who desire to compose their own music.

Inside the Book Bolt, there are some blank music lines for the owner to compose their own tunes. I suppose that with a little imagination, you may become one of the few vendors of music books.

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