Super Blog Structure For SEO in 2019

Super Blog Structure For SEO in 2019 – There are many bloggers with different views, who explains how Blog Structure For SEO works, but in actual sense they are not exactly explaining how it works.

According to my personal experience the appearance and structure of blogs are changing with the passage of the time for as standards. But it is up to the administrator of the blog on how he wants their blog to be structured. Most of the people these days prefer SEO optimized and customized templates for their blogs created by different expert developers. With customized templates they use recommended developer’s structures for their blogs which will be easier for engaging the new traffic and people towards their blog then from their blog towards their website. Now let’s discuss some general and default structure of the blogger. In essence, super blog structure for SEO in 2019 mainly contains the following widgets.

Super Blog Structure For SEO in 2019 1

Blog Header:

As we are familiar with the word Header because we use this in our documentation software’s just like Microsoft Word and others because it mainly represents what our article and document includes. Similarly, in blogs have a widget called the header that mainly represents what our particular topic is about and which part of the website our blog is representing. As Header name represents himself that this widget holds the top most position in the structure of our blog. Header also include menu bar that shows the categories of different subtopics in the blogs and a navigation menu bar as well. That’s the exact steps related to Blog Structure For SEO.

Blog Outer Wrapper:

It is block within body which contains every other object that you can control. The main objects within outer-wrapper block are Header, Content, Footer areas.


Blog Main Content:

The main content area is engaged for the posts. Whenever the writer or owner of the blog writes and public any new post all the published posts will appear here so that audience can now interact with this section. It is up to the blogger admin as well how many number of the posts he wants to show to the audience at a time. Let’s dive into Blog Structure For SEO for more knowledge.

Super Blog Structure For SEO in 2019

Super Blog Structure For SEO in 2019

Author can set the thumbnail to the post as well in the customized templates of the blogs. As we know that Thumbnail is the one of the best thing for audience engagement in the posts.At the end of the post there will be the author social profile that represents that this post was public by this author on this particular date and time.
People can open the posts and share their opinions about the authors content.

Blog Sidebar:

This widget and area of the blog causally contains the recent posts in the blog so people on the new posts can easily interact with the most recent posts of the blog. Sidebar also contains the social profiles of the authors so people can contact and reach the authors in case of any queries.

Blog Footer:

It is the bottom widget of the blog structure that usually contains the privacy policy and terms of the particular company. It does also include the disclaimer of the blog and contact pages as well.

Blog Body:

Basically it is the most outer block side of your blog templates usually covers by your computer screens.
As we have discussed the structure of the general blog. Now let’s move towards the customized templates structure and their development.

First we have to know about the language that is being used by the developers now days to create latest SEO optimized blogger templates. For the basic layout of the blogger XML language is used. For example, the main title of the blogger. The main purpose of discussing this thing is if you have little programming knowledge you can customize your blog name and basic things in the blog.

How to Publish Your Blog:

When you’re all set with the customization’s and designing of your blog then you have to make your blog live. You can easily do it by submitting a sitemap in Google search console. Moreover, you have to check the option of “Discourage the search engines to index your blog”. If that option is selected as yes then you have to simply un-tick it. If it is by default selected you have to remove the tick mark other wise you don’t have to do anything. Despite of all these things, you have to submit your website sitemap and to do that. You have to install plugin known as “XML Sitemaps” and if you have Yoast SEO plugin then you can find your website sitemaps from the settings of Yoast SEO Plugin.

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If you will not submit your website sitemap then your website will not be publicly visible on Google because Google now a days consider indexing only those blogs which have submitted their sitemaps. Most of the internet marketers also recommend to submit sitemap of your website.


You will get amazing benefits if you’re following the guidelines given to you. Moreover, you can get more knowledge if you dive into blogging. Blogging is a passion and if you’ve that you’ll be a successful blogger one day.


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