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Choosing a Domain Name

List of best cheap web hosting and domain in Pakistan Bloggers Choice, 2021

I have been around the blogging industry for about 4 years and over the years I have learnt a lot on what works and what does not work in-terms of choosing the best domain registration and web hosting company.

When we talk about hosting what we’re really talking about are datacenters. Some of the factors that you should consider before you choose your  web hosting company in Pakistan include: Disk-space offered, number of visitors per month (if they offer), Monthly Bandwidth,  Virtual Memory Usage space,  Physical Memory Usage space, and inodes.

However, modern cheap web hosting provides the speed, performance and features that expensive legacy hosting plans used to offer for a fraction of the price. Do not be fooled with prices and offers that you see displayed on hosting companies websites. The cheaper a hosting company claims to be the higher the chances that it has hidden charges. 

Below we list our top three choices:

1. Hostinger: Best cheap host for Pakistanis.

Hostinger is one of the best webhosting websites when it comes load speed, uptime and support. We host several websites on hostinger and that is why we recommend it to anyone who wants to start blogging. It offers free ssls, backup and one click wordpress installation. It accepts payment through paypal and credit card.

Hostinger also has higher plans and hosting types in case you do have more budget, they offer shared hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud hosting, and VPS hosting.


  • Hostinger offers cloud web hosting technology with the power of MySQL, FTP & PHP with 3x optimized WordPress speed
  • Provides almost unlimited disk & bandwidth and thus claims to provide Fastest website speed experience at eco market.
  • Hostinger is unbeatable in terms of pricing with its single web hosting starting at $2.15 per month, premium web hosting starting at $3.49 per month, and business we hosting starting at $7.95 per month.
  • Free Domain hosting & Free SSL
  • 30 Day Return Policy
  • Server-level caching
  • Decent server stack
  • Free Website Builder and other great features
  • Shared plans are the cheapest, easiest way to host a website. Hostinger’s shared plans are secure and user-friendly, and the more advanced elements will be taken care of for you.


2. Namecheap: Cheap Premium Choice

Namecheap excels at domain names. So it only makes sense that they’ll happily throw one in if you sign up for their hosting plan. With Namecheap, you get free custom nameservers and free WhoisGuard (to protect your personal information that’s otherwise made public when you register a domain name). In addition to offering cheap hosting services, cheap domains and full web hosting packages, Namecheap sells SSL certificates, privacy protection services, and more. Because Namecheap thinks that an Internet presence for all is a necessity, they provide affordable and cheap access to everything you need to run a website.

Namecheap also comes out on top when you look at the domain name interfaces. Namecheap’s is a lot clearer and easier to navigate but with nothing unnecessary to get in the way.Namecheap’s hosting plans offer fast, reliable service with a 100% uptime guarantee.

One of the best features included on Namecheap is the free CDN. Cloud Distribution Networks (CDNs) spread your website files over a bunch of different locations globally so being far from a server is not an issue for a website visitor


  • 100% uptime service level agreement (SLA). (You’ll receive credits if this isn’t achieved.)
  • Free 1 month supersonic CDN
  • Namecheap uses the latest server technology from brands like Dell, HP, and Supermicro.
  • Every component has multiple redundancies, whether it’s the power source, the network card or the high speed of the servers.
  • Pages load extremely fast, a necessity for any business.
  • cPanel is used. This is the most commonly used control panel in the world and it makes life easier for users.
  • The Softaculous installer enables you to use WordPress or other apps with just a few clicks. You can update and maintain your applications with great ease.
  • Virus scanners are included
  • Namecheap constantly tests their defensive measures and tweaks where necessary.
  • SSL certificates are available to ensure the security of your sites. SSL certificates help protect your sensitive data (including credit card information) from being stolen.
  • Namecheap Leech Protect allows you to set the maximum number of logins that can occur in a 2-hour period. Protects your site from brute force attacks.
  • Reliable hosting services.
  • The design and interface are very user-friendly.
  • Free and fast migration from other hosting providers.
  • Backups on a daily basis and Lots of Free Upgrades
  • Choose the largest shared plan and backup is twice per day and also weekly.


3. Bluehost: Second cheapest Premium choice for Pakistanis

Bluehost provides many hosting features and the best in hosting customer support. The servers are continually being upgraded to better hardware platforms to better suit the needs of their customers. They use technical analysis and expert opinion when it comes to managing servers across the board too.


  • Plans appear cheap at first glance, but not all of them are as cheap as they seem. You can get started for as little as $2.95 per month with shared hosting
  • Bluehost offers six different types of hosting, with multiple plans and prices for each.
  • Lightening Fast


Bottom Line…

If you’re looking to build your own simple website then I would suggest shared hosting. Shared hosting allows you to save money and scale up as your blog increases in traffic and sales. Small businesses also have some of the same requirements as bloggers. The majority of small businesses don’t actually receive a high amount of web visitors.

With all of the power packed features offered by these cheap web hosting companies within the context of what a great web hosting provider should have, Hostinger does provide the ‘bang for the buck’. After all, it uses below tagline to describe itself and this tagline does resonate with the type of features it offers and the discounted price it charges:

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