The Importance of Automated Text Messages in E-Commerce

automated text message in ecommerce

What happens if we informed you that your eCommerce organization could grow greatly by making one decision?

You might be thinking if bulk SMS is the best option for your eCommerce niche. Automated texts are widely used in a variety of industries. Text blasts are frequently used by brick-and mortar businesses such as doctors’ offices and supermarkets to remind clients of impending appointments or weekly promotions.

Automated SMS texts are commonly employed in eCommerce by various types of organizations. Bulk SMS messaging helps eCommerce firms in health and wellness, beauty, decor, and other industries increase sales.

Don’t let the size of your company discourage you from including automated messaging (email and SMS) into your mobile marketing strategy. A well-rounded text messaging strategy can help businesses of all sizes and in all areas achieve success.

In this post, we’ll discuss why automated SMS messages are so effective, as well as what makes a great campaign. We will also walk you through the essential flows that your team should implement while implementing SMS marketing.

Why are automated text messages so beneficial?

Texting outperforms email and social media in terms of engagement. Businesses utilize automated text messages to communicate with clients in a more personal way than email or social media can.

When you launch your first automated text messaging campaign, it can be difficult to know what to expect. However, don’t be afraid. Text messaging automation has a lot of potential.

Text message blasts are in high demand:

  1. SMS is preferred over phone or email by 66% of those polled.
  2. Only 4% of consumers say they have seven or more unread SMS, while 74% say they have zero.

Automation of text messaging is efficient:

  1. SMS automation yields a whopping 99.9% open rate!
  2. SMS interaction rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email marketing engagement prices

The power of applying automated text messages in a marketing approach can aid your eCommerce organization:

The power of incorporating automated text messages into a marketing campaign can benefit your eCommerce business:

  1. Obtain fresh leads
  2. Customers who have abandoned their carts should be nudge.
  3. Maintain current customers
  4. Promote a new product
  5. Alert clients of replenished products
  6. Promote post-purchase evaluations
  7. Share information as well as upcoming sales
  8. Incentivize clients to acquire

Automated text messages in eCommerce enable businesses to customise communication to individuals based on their activity or where they are in the funnel, resulting in greater conversion rates and retention. Although it is hard to build a customized text message marketing campaign for each user, your team can define criteria to get as close as possible:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Area
  4. Past Search/Purchase History
  5. Individual Preferences & more

You will have more customisation possibilities if you choose to develop a drip campaign for your SMS strategy. A drip campaign can be dependent on how many times a person has shopped with you, how long they have been a customer, whether they engage with your brand through SMS or email campaigns, and so on.

What is the process of text message marketing?

What is your level of familiarity with your clients? Text message marketing fills in the blanks of what you may not recognize or fully understand about your target demographic. Customers value the convenience of checking texts over emails, and they connect more with firms who elect to create a text marketing plan, as evidenced by text message marketing.

SMS marketing is trackable, allowing your company to monitor messages sent, the number of messages sent, keyword responses, and conversations. If the promotion has a code that is exclusively utilized in your texting campaign, a firm may also see how many promotions are redeemed.

Following each SMS campaign, analyze your strategy and plan for future efforts based on what went well and what needs to be improved.

On paper, a text blast campaign appears to be a wonderful idea, but how does it function in practice?

Short codes and keywords

Keywords and short codes are crucial components of a text message marketing campaign.

From there, you have a couple of alternatives. Create an automated sms message that heads out to You have a few alternatives from there. Create an automatic text message that is sent to customers immediately after they sign up.

Customers who sign up for text messaging online using a contact form must be confirmed before they are added to your campaign. For example, an SMS message sent after online signup may say, “Reply YES to confirm or NO to opt-out.” It is critical that you obtain the customer’s consent before adding them to your list, and that you provide adequate options for them to opt out of SMS messages if they so desire.

Drip Marketing Campaigns

The customer will be added to your campaign once they have verified their consent to receive text message alerts. Developing a drip campaign is an excellent strategy to reach customers at various phases of their relationship with your company.

Potential consumers, new customers, and vetted customers can all be included in your overall campaign while receiving personalized messages that are relevant to them. Developing triggers and customised answers will assist your campaign in determining which customers receive certain coupons.

How to Get Started with an Automated SMS Campaign

How can you make the text flow? It is simply a matter of getting started to create an effective automated SMS campaign. For firms who are new to automated messages, the process is simple and provides a lot of flexibility. Hiring a competent SMS messaging business to advise you as you begin is a fantastic idea.

There are five straightforward actions to get your automated text campaign off the ground.

1. Sign up for a text messaging provider that sends out automated messages.

2. Post your licensed contacts
Ascertain that they have all given their permission to receive texts. Examine the video instructions given by the text messaging provider you chose. They will assist you in uploading all of your contacts so that no one falls behind. Keep the videos on hand until you’re familiar with the software.

3. Create a list based on the keywords and shortcodes you’ve selected.
Specify the term and shortcode with which you want your campaign to begin. Keywords should be memorable and simple to repeat for customers. As previously said, this is how they will opt into texts.

4. Start writing your text message
Most text messaging services will supply you with templates as well as a live representation of how your SMS will appear on a mobile phone screen. This enables you to identify any sizing issues in GIFS, images, and text. Texts should be brief and to-the-point. Keep in mind that each content should include a clear call to action.

5. Set up and send out automated messages
It’s all about timing. You’ll need to tell the service when and how frequently you want texts to be sent. Plan ahead of time for reserved holidays, promotions, and fun days (National Taco Day), and choose when to nudge clients who have been sent a coupon but haven’t cashed in.


The importance of automated text messaging in eCommerce cannot be overstated. ManyChat has long realized that SMS campaigns are the way to go! We’re now thrilled that the statistics back us up. When it comes to developing your own SMS marketing, your eCommerce firm will not have to ponder “what if?” Before you even start, you’ve already set yourself up for success.

There is an abundance of data indicating that automated text campaigns are what customers prefer and respond to the most. You have a captive audience already. When planning your campaign, choose a texting service that can handle the volume of clients, time constraints, and marketing approach that you have devised.

There is a frustrating amount of data indicating automated text projects being what consumers choose and also what they respond most to. You already have a captive target market. When you set out to make your campaign, be sure to opt for a texting solution that can handle a lots of consumers, time demands, and marketing approach that you want.

Consider opt-ins a straightforward process for customers to consent to. After you’ve collected opt-ins and uploaded your contacts, you’re ready to start building your drip campaign. It is critical to time your move. Don’t send too many texts and don’t disappear from consumers. Drip campaigns will provide you with a wealth of information, allowing you to fine-tune your plan.

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